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beautiful, simple and rewarding

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On Any Device

Optimised for laptops, desktops, phones and tablets

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Personal approach
With Proven Results

an integrated mobile marketing platform designed to improve performance

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you get the multiplier effect

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Responsive & Powerful

A booking engine that combines revenue algorithms with marketing applications in managing your online business to optimize performance and increase profits.


Key Features

  1. Dynamic Rate Rules
  2. Optimized Inventory Control
  3. Powerful Revenue Algorithms
  4. Flexible Options Management
  5. Strong Promotion Feature
  6. Rate Shopping Feature
  7. Effective Marketing Engagement
  8. Easy Management


Dynamic Rate Rules

No more tedious building packages (Last Minute, Early Bird, etc.) to choose from… Just provide one rate plan with the best offer ALWAYS!

Powerful Revenue Algorithms

Advanced algorithm to determine your recommended price.

Strong Promotion Feature

Manage your promotions with ease be it flash sales, discounts, free night or upgrade on a single property or group level.

Effective Marketing Engagement

Be among the FIRST to issue mobile wallet with your reservation confirmation email to create an unique relationship with your guests.

Optimized Inventory Control

Maximise revenue performance with central allotment and smarter control.

Flexible Options Management

Increase revenue with flexible approach to drive more sales on options.

Rate Shopping Feature

Can be integrated into the booking engine to know your competitors’ prices.

Easy Management

Use batch update to manage across all rates and availabilities.

Increase Profits

Optimize Performance


  1. Optimise the booking process with responsive design
  2. Customer experience is beautiful, simple and rewarding
  3. No more packages to confuse them and miss out on better conversion
  4. Always offer them the best price
  5. Flexible Policy
  6. Sweeter deal for definite bookings
  7. Effective Marketing Engagement
  8. Strengthen branding with mobile wallet engagement

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