Dynamic Rate Rules

  1. With dynamic room mixing and rate rules, optimise your inventory, price and maximise profit with geo locations and devices rate rule
  2. No more tedious packages building (Last Minute, Early Bird, Weekend, etc.) to choose from… Just provide one rate plan with the best offer ALWAYS!
  3. Travellers just want simplicity and demand one (best) rate that will match their needs…
  4. Promote Day-Use room any time when required

Powerful Revenue Algorithms

Advanced algorithm to determine your recommended price … using length of stay, time, inventory, market, device, comp set, etc


Strong Promotion Feature

  1. Manage your promotions with ease be it flash sales, discounts, free night or upgrade on a single property or group level
  2. Drive your promotions and optimise total revenue
  3. Yield better profitability across all seasonality
  4. Save time by managing promotions from the chain level



Effective Marketing Engagement

  1. Be among the FIRST to issue mobile wallet with your reservation confirmation email
  2. Create an unique relationship with your guests
  3. Personalise and strengthen your branding
  4. Better communication with customers with real time updates
  5. Increase customer loyalty with offers (push messages) via geo fencing
  6. Inform clients of the latest deals within seconds
  7. Capture the mobile commerce market
  8. Capture data analytics easier – track consumer behaviour
  9. Each hotel will get 1000 passes FREE

Optimise Inventory Control

  1. Manage your channel distribution with ease and control
  2. Maximise revenue performance with central allotment and smarter control
  3. Yield better profitability



Flexible Options Management

  1. Increase revenue with flexible approach to drive more sales on options
  2. Guests can choose the day and/or time when using the services
  3. Totally flexible when promoting services with optional tax and services

Rate Shopping Feature

  1. Can be integrated into the booking engine to know your competitors’ prices
  1. Full package will receive twice daily email reports on comp set and integrity report

Easy Management

  1. Easy to set up and simple to use
  2. Use batch update to manage across all rates and availabilities
  3. Restrictions can be implemented easily
  4. Save time by managing promotions from the chain level
  5. Better options management to drive more auxiliary services and increase revenue
  6. Dashboard, BI and GA provide insight to drive performance